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Tantalum Sputtering Target

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sputtering targets tantalumTantalum Sputtering Target
Atomic Number: 73
Composition: Ta
Density: 16.6 g/cc
Melting Point: 5458 °C
Purity: 99.95%, 99.99%

Plasmaterials, Inc. offers tantalum for PVD applications in a variety of different forms either elementally or as an alloy combined with other materials. Planar sputtering targets are most common, but tantalum sputtering targets are also available as cathodic arc sources, as monolithic rotatable targets or as evaporation material in pellet form. Tantalum sputtering targets are available in all conventional sizes or they can be manufactured to fit any custom design system. Tantalum can be sputtered as an element to form Ta resultant films or sputtered reactively with partial pressures of oxygen or nitrogen to form Ta2O5 or Tan thin films respectively. Evaporation materials are supplied in ¼” dia. by ¼” long or ¼” by ½” long pellets or per customer supplied specifications. E-beam starter sources are also available to fit all conventional electron beam hearths.

Sputtered thin films of tantalum are used in a variety of applications. Some typical applications include corrosion resistance products, vacuum tube grids and plates, capacitors, resisters, optical, photonic, electronic components, electrolytic capacitors, semiconductor coatings, dielectric mirrors, optical sensors, etc.