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Platinum Sputtering Target

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Atomic Number: 78
Composition: Pt
Density: 21.45 g/cm3
Melting Point: 1768 °C

Plasmaterials, Inc. provides high purity platinum and platinum alloy materials for all PVD applications. These materials are available as platinum sputtering targets and evaporation materials to fit all commercially available deposition tools or custom designed geometries. Platinum sputtering targets can be fabricated in planar or in an enhanced design.

Evaporation materials are available as spherical shot in 1-3mm, 3-6mm and 6-8mm random size pieces, as electron beam starter sources to fit directly into the hearth or into a hearth liner as well as in pellet form to meet the requirements of researchers and production engineers alike. These materials are sold by unit weight (grams or Troy Ounces) as specified. Plasmaterials, Inc. also provides a complete platinum reclamation service to purify spent targets, used electron beam charges and flake. These materials are zone refined back to high level of purity.

The most prominent commercial application of PVD Platinum products are catalytic converters in vehicles. Platinum is evaporated under vacuum for the manufacture of semiconductors, fuel cells, and batteries. It is also utilized as a layer for optical coatings.