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Niobium Sputtering Target

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sputtering target niobiumNiobium Sputtering Target
Atomic Number: 41
Composition: Nb
Density: 8.57 g/cc
Melting Point: 2477 °C
Purity: 99.95%

Plasmaterials, Inc. supplies high purity niobium and niobium alloys for all PVD applications. Niobium sputtering targets can be produced in planar and rotatable configurations to fit all commercially available or custom designed cathode assemblies. Depending on customer requirements, planar targets can either be metallically bonded to backing plates or supplied in monolithic form. Cathodic arc sources are available for all conventional designs or in customized configurations to meet specific customer requirements. Evaporation materials are available in pellet form or as electron beam starter sources designed to fit directly into the E-beam hearth or with a liner. Pellets are usually ¼” dia. by ¼” long but can be manufactured to customer’s specifications. Niobium can be alloyed with many other elements as well to meet specific customer requirements.

Niobium thin films are used in superconducting applications, optical filters, radiation sensors, corrosion protection, superconducting bolometers, photonics, medical devices and capacitors just to name a few.