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Plasma Spraying

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Since its development in the early 1900’s, thermal spraying of various materials (primarily metals) was limited to coating applications with relatively low melting temperatures. Typically, these applications involved wear and corrosive coatings, parts refurbishing and other protective coatings. The advent of the space age in the mid-50’s pushed this technology to higher temperatures and greater limits as the need for higher performance materials was created. This led to the development of plasma arc spraying (PAS) and a wider range of capabilities. More recently, PAS has extended these capabilities to higher flame temperatures. This new plasma thermal spraying technology provides a working range of up to 28,0000K, creating exciting new possibilities. Materials, such as ceramics, carbides, silicides, nitrides, cermets and others can easily be plasma arc spray processed for use in target material production. We also provide a cold spray plasma service.

Plasmaterials, Inc. has further refined this technology to create an entire new line of previously unobtainable materials for use in the physical vapor deposition (PVD) industry. Whether for thermal evaporation materials, sputtering targets, or electron-beam crucible liners, the PAS technology has allowed us to create a broad, new range of materials beyond the range of conventional fabrication techniques. This technology is especially advantageous for creating enhanced design magnetic planar targets, rotatable ceramic targets, rotatable sputtering targets and other complex geometries.

Our success in creating multi-constituent alloyed materials of complex geometrical design is only limited by the creativity and demands of our customers. To date, our developing family of materials has found use in anti-reflective coatings, display technology, reflective and decorative coatings, architectural glass, optical coating applications, photovoltaics and more.

So if your needs extend beyond the conventional wisdom dictated by standard metallurgical, it may be time to give Plasmaterials a call and find out how we can help put PAS technology to work for you. Our sales engineers and research group will work with you in developing your product needs.