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Cathodic Arc Sources

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Cathodic Arc sources are used in Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) applications by supplying a high current electrical arc to strike and vaporize the source material within a vacuum environment. This process is widely used within the decorative and hard coating industries in addition to many emerging technologies that require a fast deposition process (rate) that can be applied over a broad substrate field. As an evaporation process, most target materials are typically elemental metallic in nature or of some specified eutectic composition to guarantee that the resultant films are identical to the starting compositions.

Plasmaterials, Inc. provides all forms of cathodic arc source designs and compositions ranging from circular target configurations with bayonet designed connections, enhanced cup designs for greater utilization and rectangular “Clamp In” designs for various large area applications. Please do not hesitate to request a quotation or contact one of our Plasmaterials, Inc. Sales Engineers with your specific requirements at We will be happy to provide technical support information as well as a price and delivery for your specific requirements.