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Backing Plates

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Plasmaterials, Inc., manufactures a complete line of backing plates for almost every commercially available sputtering, cathodic arc, ion deposition and laser beam ablation system. Additionally, custom backing plates can be designed, engineered and manufactured for non-conventional or in-house designed deposition systems.

Most backing plate material requirements need high thermal and electrical conductivity, tight geometrical tolerance, to be non-corrosive and have good durability. The typical material of choice is OFE copper, however, the target material characteristics may dictate the need for other materials such as molybdenum, stainless steel or aluminum. These are all available from Plasmaterials, in standard as well as custom designs. The most common is the OFE copper backing plate and molybdenum backing plate.

In all cases, the backing plates are manufactured on numerically controlled (NC) equipment to OEM specifications guaranteeing the required dimensional tolerances and absolute reproducibility. Special coatings of chromium or nickel are also available in situations in which some target material characteristics may cause a problem in connection with the backing plate base metal.


Backing tubes are also available for rotatable cathode assemblies. These tubes are available in stainless steel, copper, aluminum and titanium, as well as specialty materials and alloys depending on the sputtering target material to be applied. These backing tubes are available for all commercial rotatable systems, post-magnetron, or for any special design requirements you may have.

To guarantee absolute concentricity, starting materials are extruded from high temperature furnaces to a near net shape configuration. This seamless tube is then finish machined to specific tolerances in order to meet the most exacting requirements. Specific attention is paid to sealing surfaces, I.D. and O.D., wall thickness and straightness, as well as total indicated run out (TIR). These products are designed for long life and can be refurbished numerous times prior to reapplication of target materials.